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Unlocking Imagination with Metaphorical Associative Cards

Metaphor is a powerful tool - originally in literature - allowing complex ideas and emotions to be conveyed through vivid imagery. But its power extends far beyond the kingdom of wordsmiths; it penetrates everyday life and shapes our perceptions and understanding of the world.

Metaphorical imagery is a creative tool and a bridge between the abstract and the concrete, allowing us to grasp unfamiliar concepts by connecting them to familiar objects or experiences. They reveal surprising links and lead to new insights, they enrich communication, facilitate understanding, and stimulate creativity.

Metaphorical images are an invaluable communication tool, facilitating the exchange of thoughts and emotions. They prompt us to discover new connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena and challenge us to explore and uncover hidden layers of meaning, to go beyond the limits of literal interpretation, and to discover deeper truths.

Metaphorical images have the unique ability to evoke in us internal reactions and emotional resonance.

Based on Metaphorical imagery was developed the Psychological projective technique with MAC (Metaphorical Association Cards), helps to solve a problem. The cards are metaphorical because the images drawn on them are multi-layered, they carry many meanings and interpretation possibilities.

MAC invites us to associate a given image with our experiences, emotions, and ideas. Whether we're considering solutions, dealing with personal challenges, or simply seeking introspection, MAC has the power to unlock hidden potential and enlighten fresh

perspectives. They are an effective tool for getting out of a vicious loop, and for a clearer picture of an interpersonal relationship or of our outer /inner reality.

MAC helps us to realize clearly what is hidden in the subconscious, bypassing the inner resistance and conscious attitudes.  The MAC technique is associative, ecological, and effective – it evokes associations related to situations or people from our lives and our inner states. These associations reflect our problems, even the long-forgotten ones, already stored in the subconscious, they create a safe context for finding and modeling a solution.

With the help of MAC, we can safely gain access to our subconscious - as the images and metaphors are the "language of the subconscious". We can also gain access to our problem, as far as we are ready to overcome it. Through free association, we can grasp the inaccessible to logic and rational understanding.

Working with MAC - individually or in groups - enriches communication, stimulates creativity, and evokes deep emotional responses. MAC serves as a powerful tool for communicating complex ideas and causing deep insights, for self-exploration and creative problem-solving.

By embracing the richness of metaphorical imagery, with MAC we open ourselves to a world of limitless imagination and meaning.



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