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Are you looking to generate ideas?


Hi. My goal is to help individuals, startups, or companies generate new ideas for everyday problems with less standard approaches as Business Constellations,

Board games, Associative cards, DIY workshops.


I believe that the best ideas are in us we just need some help to take them out. We are often hearing of the world's greatest innovations, and most of us get scared that what is expected from us is something like a new Facebook or a Tesla.


We will start with the questions like: What is a good idea? How do you come up with good ideas? Does passion matter with ideas? How can you tell what you are passionate about? How do you translate your passion into one or more business ideas? 

Good ideas that are too close to what already exists may not be worth the effort, while others that are too innovative may be impossible to realise.

Are you ready to turn your idea into reality? 

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