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I love working with like-minded people, joining forces, and aiming at sustainable change in education, technologies, innovations, or personal development. Not that it is easy, it can be challenging at times, but only in co-creation and collaboration the greatest results are achieved. 


Here are listed the Erasmus+ Projects (Co-financed by the European Union), which I was happy to be part of, either as a partner or as a subcontractor.

My expertise and added value in co-creation projects is my capacity to process a significant quantity of information (like the one Universities or Training Centres can provide) and come up with a playful, practical, and easy-to-use outcome: a board game, cards, booklet, app, or program. 

Project Portfolio


YOCO Cards - a set of cards empowering youth leaders, developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

My contribution (subcontractor): is in coming up with all sets from scratch (4 main decks - emotions, archetypes, leadership, and constellations). I generated the initial idea based on a brief and further developed it with one partner. The graphical design and print are also part of my input.



A VOICE-UP board game for trainers who work with disadvantaged women, who need to be empowered to get into the workforce. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE or watch the VIDEO


My contribution (subcontractor): is participating in co-creation sessions about the desired outcome and possible realisations of the outcome. Then I created the board game and its design and together with one of the partners, we came up with the logic behind it (following one of the principles of Systematic Inventive Thinking - function follows form).



DiARC is a set of 55 creativity cards helping trainers from the art industry to develop in youngsters creative, analytical, and out-of-the-box thinking through art. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

My contribution (subcontractor): is to come up with the idea of visualisation on the cards, and the type of art we will use - images, pictures, or more abstract drawings. I am a great fan of metaphorical images and associative cards. This is the direction I chose and then worked closely with an artist to create the final product.








The REST App - is part of the  Approach Project aiming at creating a professional resilience online tool to help increase the quality of training provided to disadvantaged adults, so that they can successfully find employment opportunities and stay employed for a longer period. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.


My contribution (subcontractor): is at the start of the project, I involved in the initial development of app functionalities and a basic mock-up of the screens.



Action for future starting point of our joint effort is supporting adult trainers in the delivery of training to young adults in risk through design thinking methodology for civic engagement and participation.

By equipping adult trainers with an adequate design thinking manual and resource book we aim at increasing the quality of training provided to disadvantaged young adults so that they can successfully engage in community development initiatives. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

My contribution (subcontractor): is in dressing the manual and the resource book into Design Thinking like, a modern and easy-to-navigate style.



Inspiration Elevators app is a part of the joint efforts in supporting youth workers in introducing, organizing, and implementing Design Thinking processes in their daily interventions with youth at risk, which will enhance youth employability and employment prospects. It is an app based on three major aspects of Design Thinking: Imagination, Empathy, and Rationality. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

My contribution (subcontractor): is from the very beginning to the very end of the project. I was engaged in the development of the whole idea of the app, including the aim, functioning, and screens. Further, I was acting as a Project Manager bridging between the partners and the developers who were developing the app. I was researching good policies, and presenting ideas and recommendations on the design and the content appearance. I was responsible for the final delivery and localisation.


The SPAGAME project’s general objective is to improve the competencies of adult trainers through coaching, mentoring, and training to develop young adults and adult learners’ self-awareness and clarity, to decrease the probability of Pandemic burnout in professional life, and to equip them with instruments to flourish acquiring conscious leadership tool, manifesting purpose, grit, and contribution to the developments of others and self. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE


My contribution (subcontractor): is coming up with an innovative idea about the realisation and the visualisation of the game. This includes the design and also the whole setup, i.e. the board is 60x60 cm, printed on cloth. Also the idea about the packaging - rather than a standard box, a cardboard tube that is easy to put in a bag pack. 


With the I.YOU project the consortium of partners will work on the design and presentation of an innovative, sustainable, and useful online tool, I.YOU, that supports: 1). the work of helpers (youth trainers, coaches, facilitators, and workers) – in their mission to increase self-awareness and 2). will create a sense of agency in the young people using it – they will be able to have a research-backed up self-coaching tool to employ in challenging moments when clarity and direction are needed. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

My contribution (partner): as an official partner, I participate in all meetings, the creative process, content generation, Project Management, and Dissemination. Still, due to my expertise in tangible tools and games, I will primarily be focused on the shape of the online application, the design, technology, communication, testing, and distribution of the I.YOU app.

Do you want to see something cool? Check out the digital version of DiARC card HERE

If you want to learn techniques and exercises on how to use them, I am here to help!

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