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I love the classical Coaching process based on asking specific sequences of powerful questions that help Clients find steps towards solving their challenge, achieving their goal, or generating their best idea.

As a generalist, a Gemini, and a real explorer, pure Coaching was never enough for me. Thanks to the long years of training in personal and professional development, I created my authentic coaching style. 


Some examples of the spheres I get my inspiration and methods are:

  • Classical Coaching

  • Business constellations

  • Creative Leadership

  • Career orientation

  • Storytelling

  • Associative images

  • Archetypes

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Design Thinking

  • Game design theories

  • Simple craft techniques

  • Meditations and Mindfulness

  • Shamanism

  • Symbols

  • Esoteric theories

  • Games, board-games, cards


Coaching practice I always describe as a funnel. An individual or a business Client comes with a specific topic to me. To it are tide up thoughts, facts, information, fears, beliefs, and expectations. Maybe it is not just one topic but two or more topics that are woven into one. In my work as a Coach, I see myself as a detective helping the Client filter important from unimportant, objective from subjective, and assumptions from reality.

With the support of different methodologies, we start putting the puzzle. We work on different aspects of the topic, following the flow and what emerges during the process. There is no scenario, anything that comes up should not be left unresolved or at least acknowledged.

It is how the Coaching funnel works - pouring everything in at the beginning, building clarification, and sifting through the information. Then we use a variety of approaches and methods to find possible solutions and ideas. And at the end, we come up with a realistic, agreed, inspiring action plan, and most importantly, we come up with a first action step towards the desired change. The one action step that helps us grind the coffee beans and make lovely coffee :)

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