PlayCraft is devoted to help kids improve their cognitive and socio-emotional abilities through play. “Plop Learns Emotions” is our first app and it introduces basic emotions. The content is specifically designed for 3 to 5+ year old’s. There is NO text and language involved in the game itself so it can be played by kids all over the World.


“Plop learns emotions” is a sequence of 5 mini-games that run on iterations. Each iteration is more difficult than the previous one and when completed – the kid is rewarded. The app includes “Matching game”, “Puzzle”, “Memory cards”, “Gems”, “Block-building game” and “Stickers” for reward. Each game is tightly related to emotions recognition, facial expressions and causes of emotions.


The app is developed for iOS Universal and there are no adds from third parties or in-app purchases. Our business model is pay per product. We aim at covering different aspects of Emotional Intelligence through separate apps.


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