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Transformika Coaching Cards



Transformika Coaching Cards is a 2 times award-winning tool based on powerful questions. It opens paths to solving personal or professional challenges.


The Cards are designed to help you gain clarity on your goals or challenges. The powerful consecutive questions smoothly guide you through the process.


Asking the right questions helps you understand and experience life from entirely different perspectives and it brings an abundance of opportunities.


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Transformika Coaching Cards provide questions that help you move from the analytical to the creative hemisphere of your brain. It enhances creativity and innovation.


Transformika Cards is a tool dedicated to rekindling the provocative power to ask the right questions; sparking curiosity, encouraging empathy, and enhancing creativity in order to release our full potential, get the desired results, and be an inspiration for the people around us.


Transformika Cards can Support you to:

  1. Stimulate full-fledged communication in a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Create space for active knowledge sharing, problem solving & ideas generation.
  3. Remain motivated as you go through important individual or team transformations.
  4. Find out your own answers and practical solutions.
  5. Encourage clarity, empathy, and creativity for yourself or your team.


Application of Transformika Cards:

  1. For individual use (at home, at work, in a café, or while traveling).
  2. With a friend, a colleague, a coach, a mentor, or a consultant.
  3. For use during team meetings, interest groups, or classroom activities.
  4. For practical exercises during training and teambuilding.
  5. To preserve the transformative effect of training or seminars.
  6. To support the desired transformation.
  7. For a meaningful and innovative present.




ISBN: 978-619-90961-0-9 - all rights reserved by Transformika Cards

Transformika Coaching Cards

  • Product info

    Included in your Transformika Coaching Cards set are:

    • 32 Life and Professional topics
    • 300+ Powerful questions
    • 2 Creativity Cards (Jokers)
    • 60 Positive affirmations (Coaching mantras)
    • Instructions for work with the topics and affirmations
  • Shipping info

    Orders are shipped within 2 business days. We use Swiss Post Services for international shipping. Please, take into account that the delivery time may differ with 1-2 days from what is posted on the website. Thank you!

  • Manual

    Click HERE to download the Transformika Coaching Cards instructions

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