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On the 9th of January, it was Peter Sage’s first event in Sofia. Organized by Quantum Events, this was one unforgettable evening with him. Peter is a world-recognized motivational speaker with more than 30 years of practical experience in the field of personal development. He is the youngest ever to become a coach of Tony Robbins with whom he worked 15 years. Peter is also a serial entrepreneur who started and successfully executed more than 20 businesses. For me, he is one of the most inspiring people, I have met in my life. For the short 5 hours I spent with him, he managed to put the dots for me together.

Here are the 5 things that resonated with me the most:

1. Success is 80% psychology & 20% mechanics. Mindset, perceptions, values, and beliefs are the most important ingredient for success. My aha moment was that no efforts will make me successful unless I shift my mindset. Success is tight to our perception of worthiness and our beliefs that we are entitled to receive from the Universe in accordance with our worth. This is the reason that keeps most of us self-sabotaging success. Peter talked about procrastination as a safety-mechanism. It helps us deal with things we believe we may fail. Nobody likes to fail as it makes us feel unworthy in some way. We are protecting ourselves through procrastination. Peter's advice was to start working on this by asking the question “What am I afraid to lose?” or “What am I afraid of?”

2. Success is NOT the same as fulfillment. Most of us believe that only if we have more money, a new car, a partner, a better job, lost weight… we will be happier. History knows many examples of rich and famous people that have ended their lives because success did not bring them happiness. Chasing fulfillment on the track of achievement will never get us fulfilled. Peter explained that fulfillment is related not to a result but to the feeling the result will give us (i.e. not the weight loss itself but the feeling of being proud of achieving it). The result is only permission we give to ourselves to experience a certain feeling. The powerful question to work with “What is the feeling I will get by achieving my goal?” and then to look inside and remember when we felt that feeling. We already are what we seek.

3. Money is only a mean of exchange. It indicates the perceived value of goods or services. Money is not a thing on its own and in the Universe, it only exists in the minds of humans. When focused on earning money for the sake of it, we will either fail or burn-out. What is important is to become people of value. The more value we can provide to the world, the more money will be coming to us. The first step is to answer the question “How can I add value?” and then find out how to increase the value we provide. A limiting belief related to money which Peter crashed is that we need money. Illustrated by few real stories Peter showed us that in order to do whatever we want in life we do NOT need money, all we need is a BETTER STRATEGY.

4. Do not confuse self-worth with net-worth. Self-worth is related to how one feels (emotions) and net-worth to money. Often the availability or lack of money dictates the emotions we experience. It should be the other way around. Emotions are leading the leading key indicator for success and money is just the lagging indicator. This means that the emotions, the leading indicator can influence a change and the lagging indicator (money) can only record what has happened. Roughly, we need to understand that the outer world follows our inner world and to focus on the emotions we feel.

5. Swimming in GOOP (good opinion of other people) is the biggest obstacle to happiness. When we lack the inner feeling of self-worth, we put a great deal of effort and energy to receive this feeling from the people around us. When each of us thinks of life as a movie, where each one is the star, everything changes. In our movie, there are a few people supporting cast but 99% of the people are just extras. They appear in one or in a few episodes of our movie. When looking it this way it makes no sense to put time or effort into their opinion of us. The best part was to realize that the extras in my movie actually do not even care to have an opinion of me because they are too busy staring in their own movies and worrying what am I thinking of them.

These few hours with Peter were amazing. I love his open-mindedness (a teacher is always a student), dedication and practical focus. He is a person whose insights and teachings can offer great value to those who seek it. I am one of them and I am really looking forward to spending a full day with his teaching, bright ideas, and explanations on his second visit to Sofia on April 25, 2020.


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