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There is a lot of pressure for performance and achievement in the Western world now. No matter the efforts and the time you put into learning and development, it seems that there is just another course, just another book, just another podcast to get you where you want. It is a rat race - no one will ever win.

A few years ago, I started looking for ready-to-use tools that can save me time. Today, developing these tools has become my passion and my full-time job. I am happy to see different tools daily entering the market. It is the future of learning and development.

The biggest advantage of using tools is that they can save you a lot of time. Someone has already read tons of books, researches, and has taken out the essence for you. Most of the time, you do not even need instructions - it is all made intuitive. I do not claim that tools will make you a specialist but they will allow you to get straight into practice.

Coaching is no different. Coaching tools can facilitate your daily decisions and improve your leadership skills. They can help you find the best career and support you in staying motivated while changing. Last but not least, coaching tools can ease your personal and professional growth.

Choosing the right tool is not always easy. Maybe the one you will not buy is the one you need. Here are a few tips I found out that are helping me choose:

1. Not always the most popular or glossy tool is the most efficient one. For me, there are two types of tools - excellent tools and tools with great marketing. Excellent tools are not always promoted well. Well-promoted tools are not always excellent.

2. Simplicity – tools need to be easy-to-use. If it is too complicated - you lose motivation very fast. The purpose of using tools is to help you achieve a tangible result within a reasonable period with the least possible effort.

3. Fun – when working hard towards achieving what you want, joy can guarantee a higher and longer-lasting engagement.

In conclusion, tools can help you grow, while saving you time. Most probably, within a few years, we will be learning through ready-to-use tools. The more tools you know, the better you will become in choosing the ones that can make a difference. And do not forget to have fun!


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