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Find your inspiration, tools, and tips to help you move toward the life you want to live and the person you want to be.

Inspiration is the core of living a happier, healthier, wealthier, and more purposeful life. If you wish to improve your mindfulness, become a successful entrepreneur, change your career, heal your soul, build a long-lasting relationship, reduce stress, or find who you are - you need inspiration. You have to have tools, tips, and techniques.

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Iana Avramova

Teaching at University Theory of Games
Transformation Designer

APC (IIC&M), DipNMC, LinkedIn

Accredited Life & Executive Coach with 12+ years of experience in the fields of innovations, education, and personal development and 9+ years of managerial experience with multidisciplinary teams in the Digital Industry in Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Nice to meet you...

I am a true Gemini, with many faces and interests and even more diplomas. I have pursued different paths in my personal and professional life, searching for the perfect match that will fit me best and bring me inner peace.


In my late thirties, I figured that wellness, happiness, or success are a matter of a holistic approach to life, a balance between the well-being of the body, the mind, and the soul. There are so many connected elements in the system we call a person. And each person is part of many systems that interact and influence one's perceptions, thoughts, values, beliefs, and behaviors.


I offer a holistic approach based on the vast personal and professional experience, know-how, and expertise I have acquired in the past 25 years.

My expertise:


Do you have an idea but do not know what steps to take to bring it to life? Do you have the know-how that you wish to present in a playful format? You are in the right place, and I am happy to help.


My passion, mission, and current occupation is to create innovative, ready-to-use tools for personal, professional, and educational growth for adults and children.


I specialise in one-to-one coaching, developing coaching and educational workshops, business constellations, entrepreneurs, and start-up mentoring.


Are you looking for a partner or a subcontractor on your Erasmus+ or other projects? I am open and interested in bringing my expertise and experience to meaningful projects.


Innovative tool for personal & professional growth

Transformika Coaching Cards is an award-winning tool based on powerful questions. It opens paths to solving personal or professional challenges.

The set includes:

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winner 2019.png
  • 32 Life & Professional Topics

  • 300+ Powerful questions

  • 2 Creativity Cards (Jokers)

  • 60 Positive Affirmations

  • Instructions


Are you curious? Check out the free digital version of my Pictus associative cards  HERE

If you want to learn techniques and exercises on how to use them, I am here to help!

Learn-to-inspire Stories

Clients & Partners


One of my most trusted partners and a client is The Coaching Tools, whose goal is to provide helpful, informative, innovative, and creative tips, tools, resources and ideas for coaches and people who love coaching. 

My tools have been used by teams & have been supported by these awesome places:

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